Meet The Team



iOS qualified technician. Susie is our administrator and front of house rep - usually the first person you’ll see when you come in. She does initial testing, book-in/check-out and customer contact, and maintains the customer management system.


Mac & iOS qualified technician.
Outside the workshop Phil can be found gaming, and catching up on the latest Movies and TV shows. He is also a keen traveller, previously taking part in treks across the United States and Canada.


Mac & iOS qualified technician. When not helping with your issues in the workshop he loves movies, TV shows, music and is an avid Star Wars fan, THX home cinema enthusiast and enjoys playing bass and drumming. The most tattooed member of the team.



Aaron has been a Business Consultant for Mac-Sys since 2012. He’s a Certified Mac technician, and will enthusiastically help you to improve your networking and shared storage infrastructure solutions. When he’s not at work he can usually be found flying his drone, fiddling with home cinema technology or editing video and audio.


Education Consultant

Stuart is an Apple Certified Mac and iOS technician and has been with the company since 2004. He specialises in business and education consultancy, helping integrate Apple systems into existing IT structures or building from scratch. He’s also an Astrophysics nerd working towards a degree in the subject in his spare time.


Senior Technician

Business Consultant