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Catalina is now live… should I upgrade?

The latest macOS version has been released, 10.15 Catalina. And while it’s got a lot of great features and improved integration with your iOS devices, you should probably be aware that this version will no longer run 32bit apps.

At this point it’s probably reasonable to assume that many don’t know what apps they have are 32bit and what are 64bit. Thankfully there’s a handy free tool that can scan your current applications and give you a report of what will not work after the Catalina update, and what may have issues.

Go64 from St Clair Software is a great tool purpose built for this one task. It takes only a minute, and will give you a list of apps, links to the developers sites (just in case there are free 64bit updates) and also a handy place to enter prices if you’re going to need to buy new versions.

We’d urge you all to check it out before you update, almost all of us have some legacy apps that will not run afterwards. In many cases these will be things we haven’t opened in years (and Go64 will also tell you the last time you used them) but many popular bits of software, like Microsoft Office 2011, will no longer run.

Stay safe and stay informed!


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